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Modern Day Habits That Damage Your Brain

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Modern Day Habits That Damage Your Brain 

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Sleeping during day time

Sleeping during the daytime is not a thing people consider awful these days but it is utterly damaging according to science. The night is for sleeping and the day is to stay awake and work. And although I am writing this at the night time, but I also don’t skip the days to stay awake. Rising early has many benefits, likewise sleeping in most of the morning has so many harms some of which are, loss of brain creativity, multi tasking gets affected, body stays sleepy and exhausted, headaches and migraines and many other illness occur. Body pains start occurring and the brain looses the ability to think rationally. Also the moods get very annoyed and irritating making the rest of the people upset and annoyed too. So take night rest and rise early morning, you will feel much happier and lighter and also a lot more productive.

Eating while using technology

We don’t realize the harms of our modern habits till we see their damages. The use of technology has grown so much over time that one can’t even take a bite without using their cell phone or watching TV. But do you know the rays from these devices get inside our body directly? They damage the cells of the body and the brain and our natural body cycles and rhythms. Try to set a time of eating where you don’t use technology because let us be honest, do you own your device or it owns you?

Consuming sugary food and drinks

Have you ever heard before that sugar is not food for the body? I bet a thousand times. Well this is one of the reasons it is extremely damaging for you, it causes the brain activity to slow down and thus a lot of other brain problems start occurring. Too much sugar consumption makes the body gain so many extra pounds and fats meanwhile causing the brain to work slower and slower. There are contents in the white sugar that are not beneficial for the body and brain if taken in too much quantity. Therefore, take caution and keep your body and mind healthy.

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Staying awake at night

This is the favourite habit of the young generation and that is destroying them and their life span. Staying awake late at night only causes your body to feel extremely tired and broken the next day, it also causes permanent damage to your brain because we disturb our natural sleep wake rhythm. The release of melatonin which is the sleep hormone, it causes the brain to get all confused because it is night outside and time to sleep but the eyes are scanning and awake, making the brain to work instead of rest. Therefore stop this practice and sleep at night.

Skipping breakfast

These things we keep hearing, eat your breakfast, don’t skip meals, eat a healthy breakfast, they annoy us at times but they are being said for a reason. When we skip breakfast what we do is we don’t feed our body to start the day actively and that in turn makes the cells to work without their fuel. This lack of nutrients in the morning causes them to feel tired and use up all their energy to walk you throughout the day. This practice is extremely harmful especially for the brain cells. Eat your breakfast early, no matter what.

Drinking less water

Water is important for us that everyone knows. But if you don’t take it in more amounts what happens after that, is something not many know. Yes that exhaustion and fatigue you feel, that drowsiness and loss of short term memory and depression, they are all happening because of you drinking less water. Other than the kidney problems one can face due to drinking less water, brain damage is the first harm you get.

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