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Harms of Drinking Less Water

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Harms of Drinking Less Water

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If you think you can get away with drinking less water then you are utterly wrong. Drinking less water causes so much problems for the body and some of them are mentioned in this article. Read it till the end to get to know why everyone keeps pushing you to drink more and more water every day.


Depression is also a major factor when you drink less water. The brain needs water and all the cells need water to run and function properly. When you deprive the body from this fuel, it retaliates and thu depression happens. The moods get badly affected with drinking less water. Anger annoyance and sadness all are part of drinking less water.

Exhausted body

The body stays exhausted for a longer period of time and many or in fact all of the routine tasks get affected. One feels tired drowsy and fatigued all the time, without being able to live their life actively. All the activities we do in a day demand energy and that is provided by wter, so when we drink very less amount oof it, body has to use more energy to carry out kits functions and thus it causes extreme exhaustion.

Lack of creativity and motivation

Creativity and motivation is directly linked with water because if the cells are working fine and actively only then can a person feel creative and active and happy towards work. When your body is merely running on survival mode, how can you possibly be creative and motivated to carry out all the tasks and goals? The mind works best when drinking plenty of water. I have tried and experienced it myself. Also the studies also suggest that people who drink more water have maximum fields of their life perfected to a level where they are satisfied and happy including the productivity and creativity.

Body pains

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Many of the teenagers today also have started getting body pains in different  parts of the body that sta for a longer period of time. Continuous headaches and migraines, backaches and shoulder pains, they are all because of drinking less water. The major fuel of life is not being given to the body, how can you demand it to last the whole day and go out and run and laugh or even think.

Lack of concentration and focus

Drinking less water also causes lack of concentration in everything from listening to someone to working in your office or home or class room. The focus gets badly affected and combined with irritating moods, one tends to become much slower and sad in their work. The tasks are not completed in time and all of this mess affected the focus of a person on their goals as well. The motivation levels also drops.

Dull skin appearance

If nothing has convinced you to drink more water, may be this will. Believe it or ot but drinking less water causes the skin to lose its brightness and glow making it appear very dull and dead. Also the skin pores don’t get cleaned up from the inside because of which no matter what we apply on it, it looks even more dull and tired. Drink more water and you will see your skin become pink and white, glowing and healthier and fuller.

Hair fall and dry scalp

Another beauty hazard we find by drinking less water. The hair become weak and thus the hair falling starts as well as the scalp becomes very dry causing itchiness and more hair fall. The hair also starts to become dry and breakage occurs. Therefore in order to get rid of 70% of your problems, you need to start taking in more water. From science to Islam everywhere there is a focus on drinking water, so try to drink t least 8 glasses of water daily and you will see remarkable differences in your body.

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