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How to Take Good Photos

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How to Take Good Photos

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When it comes to camera, with a doubt, in order to click good pictures with a high quality, one needs to have a good camera that does not make the image pixilated. There are so many cameras these days that take very good photos. A DSLR is for sure the best camera for videos and photos but other than that, many camera phones are also clicking top notch photos. The iphone cameras are very good for photography. Along with them, Samsung has developed many phones with a high definition camera lens. Even Sony and Nokia have developed excellent camera lens and the kit.


The best light to capture photos even in today’s world is the natural sun light. So try to go out in the early time of the day, before 10 am and you can have some good photos taken. The other best time to capture the sun and some fresh light is the evening hours of the dawn. That time gives you some of the best photos because at afternoon and closer to evening when the sun is in the process of going down so there is no sharp light that blinds your eye and the camera. If you take pictures around noon and from 1 to 3 am, e light is so bright that colours of the objects and the environment are all washed out. They don’t look highly saturated and there are many small details that don’t get captured.


Keeping proportions in check is very essential part of photography. You put everything everywhere without proper balance and then hope the image looks very clean and professional. Adjust the frame, see where the main object is, place the side objects in a balance such that the main object is in the focus and enhanced and also some negative space is also visible. If you are clicking a landscape, choose what you want to capture and then make the right proportions such that the main object or scene is also captured while taking care of its surroundings and the frame of the picture. This will even out the whole image and your photograph will look thoughtful and balance.

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Colour is not an essential part here but taking  good photos requires a sentiment. It is not just a task or a chore, it is in fact a whole plan and a mindset. When it comes to planned photography, keep in mind, having a colour palate will help you keep a nice theme as well as make the photos appear more professional. The best part about photography and editing is that you can change the colours later too. If you are shooting in a place where there is not specific colour palate available and you have a mix of colours splattered everywhere, than either you can adjust and change some colours later in the editing software’s or you can set up the whole background and the place according to you colour theme. Also try keeping the colours to minimum. Too many hues make the place very crowded and the images don’t look very professional that way. Even if it is a bright colourful photo you want to take, put more negative space in it, that is the white space. colours against a white background really enhances the main object.

Grid rule

Also known as the rule of thirds, this is my most used tip. When clicking a photo, put the main object either on the left or the right of the frame. Never in the center because that will make eye get lost. When the object is at one side, it tells an untold story and that catches the eye, making the image stand out and appear very breathtaking and deep, truly meaningful. Imagine an imaginary grid on the frame and now place the objects only in the left or right points of cross section.

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