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Internet Destroys Joint Families

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The internet is fast becoming a important feature of global civilization. The internet is the big network of the networks. It connects million of computers together globally. We can easily communicate one place to other place. Internet allows chat to people and stay to touch each other.  People also remain in touch with another by sending and receiving electronic text massage called Email. Shakespeare said that, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

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Now internet has been a major source of leisure. In the past year people want to spend their time with different people but now people spend their time with internet like playing games, use of social sites etc. The children want to spend their time with grandmother but now grandmother can only be found in museum due to advance technology. There is no doubt that with the invent of the global village people of different nations have come to close to another , but with this they are losing their own identities.

The youth ignoring the moral norms is falling fast a prey to the immoral traditional and ways of living of other nation. As compare to the other nations the Muslim nation is more exposed to such dangers. The Muslim nation losing their own culture and adopt to other cultures things like dressing , foods ,languages, living style ,festivals custom  and different value.

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The constant use of internet cause nerves issues.

The constant use of internet cause a few of its users become nervous or confused. In some loss of memory has been reported. In others problem of sleeplessness and mental disease have come to the surface. Computer emits different radiation that causes different disease such as weakness of eye side. The children used internet to playing games and waste their time in the result they got bad marks in exams. They avoid to outside games.

Family and relation’s need intentions

There are many people use internet in Asia as compare to other country. Asia use internet 46%. That is a very massive percentage. Mostly adult use internet for their entertaining like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Whats-app, Viber, flicker, etc.  That’s all the social sites which is very commonly use in Asia states. That’s all the reason people far away family relationship and prefer to social sites as compare to family.

In spite of a few negative aspects of the growing internet we can safely say internet is not the bad things but its dependence on ourselves how to use it. In the world population can easily solve their problem through the internet.

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