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Kite Beach Dubai

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The crystal clear water and the beautiful beaches of Dubai are always in focus of the world. the visitors across the world come to see this beautiful beach. There are some most ionic beach clubs which have successfully grabbed the attention of the visitors. Kite beach is also one of such beautiful and prominent beaches of the world. You can enjoy lots of activities on Kite beach such as Kite surfing, soap football, beach tennis, beach volleyball etc. There is a beautiful view for the people who love the Arabian Gulf because of its remarkable beauty. People make their weekend more enjoyable by visiting Kite beach of Dubai.

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The Kite beach is located on the way from the Al Manara road junction, which has become a wider source on entertainment for the people who are in love with Burj Khalifa and want to have a tremendous view of that beauty. There are lots of water sports operators which are available on the sea. You can take the sports equipment on rent and can test your abilities and skills against the waters of Arabian Gulf. The beach is a source of fun for the people 24 hours a day. The pleasant mornings welcome the visitors with the cool and pleasant breeze and the afternoon a the beach are bit challenging when the water waves are quite high and the atmosphere is quite windy.

The beautiful sunset and sun rising scenes at Kite beach have a huge attraction. There are lots of activities to be carried out at Kite beach. The beach welcomes people from every age group. The adults have lots of things to view and enjoy at the beach and kids also get lots of attractions on the beach. The Kite beach has a number of activities for the people residing in Dubai and also for those people who come as tourist in the state. Everyone gets the suitable atmosphere at the beach.

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The beach is also a big opportunity for those people who want to enjoy diving in sea. Usually the diving is done at big shallower water. The divers can enjoy the view of turtles, fish and many other marine animals. The diver can also encounter some dangerous sea animals such as shark however; the chances of this encounter are rare.

The kite surfing has become one of the biggest enjoyable activities at the Kite beach. The people are crazy about the beach kite surfing. The higher authorities of the Dubai are quite reluctant for giving the license to those kite surfers. In order to enjoy the kite surfing at the beach, you are required to have a license at the beach. If you want to get license for kite surfing, you will have to provide the passport size picture and some other details related to you. After the submission of all the documents, the temporary membership is awarded to the person that lasts for more than one month.

Powerboat racing is also one of the most famous water sports which is played at Kite beach Dubai. Powerboat racing formula water sports is very popular in Dubai. There is a big championship at Kite beach of powerboat racing. The winning team in 2007 was sponsored by the government of Dubai. The 10-meet series continuous from March to December. The boats can be seen floating over the water at the kite beach till the end of the season in December.

The winds at the beach blow at the forecasting pattern throughout the year. The fast moving wind at the beach has made the atmosphere of the beach quite favorable for many sports such as sailing and boating. The sailors get the opportunity to explore the unseen parts of the sea at their own time. The enchanting atmosphere of the beach also makes way for many other water sports which has attracted thousands of tourists towards itself.

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