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Dangerous Airports in the World

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An Airport is dangerous because of the extreme locations of difficult approaches, high altitudes, and short runways which are there to make the landing of the airplane the most difficult one. Here are the most dangerous airports in the world

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Paro Airport in Bhutan:-
The Himalayan Airport in Bhutan is one of the most dangerous airport in the world. The landing is so strict and severe that only 8 pilots are qualified to make a suitable landing. The Airport is just a 1.5 miles above the sea level and it is surrounded by the sharp mountains of 18, 000 ft. the runway is as small as 6,500 ft. passengers flying through this airport must have to make their nerves of steel this is the most tiniest and most dangerous airport in the peaks of Himalayas. Quite scary but adventurous for many

Juliana Airport at St. Marten:-
This is one of the busiest airport in the Caribbean Sea. To land on this airport, pilots have to fly over a beach, then pass over the road, and then land on runway. It is also the most dangerous airport in the world. The airport runway is as small as 7,150 ft. which is too small because large airplanes need at least of 8,000 ft. and some really heavy planes require 10, 00ft to ensure a safe landing.  It was made for some really small or medium planes. However some jumbos like 747s do making landing here but this is really difficult and some piloting expert is needed to make than landing

Ice way Runway in Antarctica:-
Antarctica is the coldest spot on the planet, the scariest thing is that there are no paved runways in Antarctica to land the plane. Everything which is used for landing is a long stretch of frozen ice and snow. The most dangerous thing in this landing is to check the weight of the pane because too much larger planes with weight will cause destruction of the frozen ice making it possible for the airport to sink in the water

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Luka Airport in Nepal:-
This airport is renamed as Tenzing- Hillart Airport in the memorial of the two men who conquered the Mount Everest. The visitors of Mount Everest use this scary airport. The landing and taking off runway is very short. The airport has an altitude of 8,00ft. With no air control features. As the Mount Everest is the most dangerous and scariest place in the world so this makes the landing at this airport very dangerous. Plus this airport has no electric power control. So any normal weather activity on mountains can a hurdle in the safe landing.

Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong:-
The most dangerous landing and takeoff spot because of the strong crosswinds and surrounding mountains. It is considered as the mother of all the scariest and the dangerous airports. One part of this airport was closed in 1998 because of the most dangerous airport which the base of Pacific sea

Wellington Airport in New Zealand:-
The airplane from this airport starts from the single shot of 6,351ft and end in crystal blue water. It is why it is the most uncomfortable and dangerous airport. For some people it is quite adventurous and fun but not to the ones having a weak heart. It is seemed to be most dangerous when it’s time to disembark.

Courchevel Airport in France:-
This airport has the shortest runway of 525 meters only. The most dangerous landing which requires the pilots to navigate the Alp Mountains before landing. And adding one scariest thing about this airport that planes touch down the ground at inclined positions titling all the plane to slow down the speed of airplane

La Guardia Airport in New York:-
This airport has the landing of 7, 000 ft. over water of La Guardia in New York. The pilots     have to avoid the airplanes from the two busiest airports at Newark and JKF. This airport is     located just an 8 miles above from the city of Manhattan

Tocantins Airport at Honduras:-
It is situated at 3,294 ft. above sea level. During taking off the pilots need to take the 45- degree bank to reach the 7,000 ft. runway in a valley. Due to the mountains, the passengers will definitely experience a quick drop in altitude. Frequent winds are there to complicate the matter and the pilots had to make several last second adjustments. This makes it the scariest airport in the World with the most dangerous landing

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