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Paro Airport In Bhutan

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An Airport is dangerous because of the extreme locations of difficult approaches, high altitudes, and short runways which are there to make the landing of the airplane the most difficult one.

Location of Paro Airport in Bhutan:-

The Paro Airport in Bhutan is a public type Airport and it is operated by the Department of Civil Aviation. It serves the District of Thimphu and Paro District. This Paro Airport is the hub for Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. The runway of Paro Airport is of 1,9654m and 6,445ft the Paro Airport in Bhutan got its name for the river of Paro Chhu which is located in Paro in a deep underground valley. The Paro Airport is the only International Airport in Bhutan. So people living in Bhutan would definitely have to pass through this airport to travel through the other countries. The Paro Airport is consisting of 6km in a deep valley. It is surrounded by the peaks and mountains which are as high as 5,500m from the sea level. This much height of mountains all around its Runway makes its name include on the top list of the most dangerous and scariest airports in the world. The flights from the Paro Airport are very restricted in nature. They are only allowed in specific hours of the day no flight during night time and after night fall. According to the year 2009, only 8 pilots uptil that year were able and eligible to fly the airplanes through this airport.

How Paro Airport was formed?

In the year 1968, an airstrip was built in Paro Valley which was primarily used for military operations by helicopters by India in Bhuttan. After the formation of Bhutan’s first airline, Drukair was made in 1981. After that Paro Airport was formed. This Airport is deep in the valley of Paro as deep as 2,235m with a runway of 1,200m. The Bhutan Airline is working on making the special adjustments in the airport according to its weather activity and metrological conditions. The biggest thing in this case was to make it fly towards Kolkata and then back to Paro which makes a total distance of 1,200km without even refueling it because of the fact that there are minimal resources in Bhutan. In 1983, it was made possible when the Drukair inaugurated the flights 101 and fight 102 between Kolkata and Paro. The Paro Airport became the first international airport with the Buddha Airline.


The Paro Airport is the world’s most dangerous airport. So now you can imagine how the flight through airport would look like. The passengers had to make their nerves of steel while flying through this airport. There are the dozens of houses scattered on and across mountains of Paro Airport. The airplane has to fly above them all coming just over a feet of the roofs which is so scary and noisy as well. This is the difficult moment for the passengers and the residents living that houses as well. The strong winds flying the airport region causes much trouble and hurdle and the passengers usually refer their landing to be one of the most scariest and dangerous landing. As a first preference the flights are only allowed at day time and if allowed during night time as well, there is under some special circumstance and special metrological conditions and the pilot has to rely on his eye for the all the movements and adjustments rather than the instruments. Despite of all the dangerous things, the flying in this airplane is a sort of thrill for some people. The surrounding scenery is amazing and cooling to the eyes. The clear blue water of the Paro River underneath the airplane and the lush green plants and trees are just there to take some of the fear of flight far away from you.  So the fear and amusement go hand in hand. Who would love to travel through airplane? Definitely I would for all the thrill and challenge.


Not too much great facilities are offered to the passengers in that airport. The airport just consists of 1 runway. The airport is not quite exotic. Limited services are there and the airport merely consist of airplane maintenance systems.

Airlines and destinations:-

The airplanes flying to and from Paro Airport has to take their landings somewhere else. From Bhutan Airlines, it goes to Bangkok, Delhi, Jhagar and most importantly Kolkata. From Druk Airport it goes to Singapore, Mumbai, Jhagar, Dhaka and Bangkok.

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