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Police Jobs in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most important city in the UAE and in the world. It offers tons of jobs in every sector and Dubai is one of the most rushy and populated city in the world. This makes the city well equipped with all the facilities of safety and security. The security in Dubai is very tight everywhere whether it is on airport or anywhere else. Why would not it be? If the security in Dubai is no tight it will open many ways for passengers to travel to other European carrying weapons and drugs opening way to new crimes and terrorism. The demand of Police jobs is very high in Dubai and it is the most stressful yet a good job to do.

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About Police Jobs in Dubai:-

Dubai Police is one the most outstanding places to work. It is highly progressive in nature and it employs about 17 thousands officers from all the highest educational standards belonging to any organization. Police in Dubai has both national and international recognition of as it employs the quality management systems in all of the police fields and sectors.

The Dubai Police is the first police in the UAE to use the system of DNA testing in criminal investigations. It also uses electronic finger printing for detection of crimes. It stands on number 1 to use the system of GPS to locate the Police Patrols using satellite helping in police operations. The Dubai Police has playing major role in the society and has a different department of Human Rights within the Administrative building. Dubai Police also have a General Department of e services in 2001 to help in providing with the latest technologies.

How to Apply and Nature of the Job:-

The Police job in Dubai is all about the helping community to become safe, overcome its evils and flaws and in this case the Police Job in Dubai will be ideal. In this type of the job you are solely going to work for the community selflessly, protecting the members of public, prevent crime, reducing the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for the residents. The nature of this job is going to be very stressful and you will have a lot of workload on your shoulders.

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As to begin with the applying procedure, you have to apply online before leaving your country in case you are a foreigner. Just start with the simple procedure. Visit the website of the Dubai Police. The website contains the section of job vacancies and follow up plan on your application and recruitment method. This is how you can see the current jobs in Dubai Police and submit your applications with required documents online, see your status and just wait for the results.

Requirements for the Jobs at Dubai Police:-

  1. Before applying online at the website of Dubai Police. Firstly get a username and the password and then apply.
  2. Make sure the application is duly filled. Half left applications are strictly not accepted
  3. If you find difficulty in applying online, there is another method for your ease. Dubai Police is giving you the option of sending applications at [email protected]
  4. Now you may need to provide the some of the documents along with your online application which include.
  • A copy of your CV
  • A copy of your Passport
  • A copy pf your educational certificates
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate
  • There are no service charges for it. The application is processed free.

5- Now as you have applied you can follow the status of your application with the reference number which is given to you. You can check it with the use of SMS. Write the Job followed by space then write your reference number and send it to 4488 (For example:  JOB 112233).

6- You also need to get through all the procedures of VISA applications. Passing through the medical tests, criminal records testing and all hectic procedures. If you are currently working in another Middle-East country you might have an idea how grave this situation is.

Life at Working in Dubai Police:-

The life at working at Dubai Police is going to be very amazing. Although the whole job is very hectic and exhausting but it comes with the wide variety of benefits. The exotic life, the large salary packages of about DH 17,000 annually where you can fully enjoy your life with the great benefits and facilities. 

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