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Private or Government Institute

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As we all know that studies in a private institute is mostly co. Private Colleges provides a good type of facilities to their students. However, government is least bothered to provide them a best. Private Institutes know how to maintain a discipline. There are many advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Some believes that Private is best and some believes that Government Institutes are good for students. Private Institutes are highly cost while Government Institutes are cheap. So, a big difference. Both Institutes stands best.

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Private Institutes, no doubt they cost high, but the way they communicate with children and the way they maintain a discipline, I think this side is really very much good for students. Secondly, routine this is a biggest problem of the generation. They always fail to make their schedule. So, Private Institute’s timing and the way they teach, both are so accurate that student himself feel to make a schedule. The life of students in Private Colleges runs period by period. Like everything is done on time. They have everything in their institutes, built properly. But sometime students are not well behaved. They just try to break discipline and always bully there juniors. Private Institute’s another advantage is the students of their institute don’t need any tuitions because the studies of these institutes are so good that if a student focus on it they never need any tuitions. I was also a student of a Private College and the environment I observed was really open. Girls and Boys both sit together, they make gossips and weird type of environment creates. However, in Government Institutes, things and situation both are opposite. Private Institute’s biggest problem is, the professors. Professors are inexperienced. They are fresh teachers. There are only some colleges who own a good teacher. Secondly, sports and other activities are really very focused in these institutes. They held some good ceremonies and sports week. So that students motivate themselves.

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Now, coming up to the government institutes. Well, the ones who scored well in there matriculation examination. Only they can apply there. There are some requirements. But mostly parents don’t want to send their children in Government Institutes. But why they don’t want to send? Answer is simple, because of the environment there. Almost half quarter student absent every day, and the ones who are coming they want to study.  No accommodations provided. They placed a cooler there but the quality of water is always pathetic. Classrooms are dirty. Washrooms are filthy. Teachers least bothered to teach. In these cases, student forces himself to go and study with a tutor. But advantages are also there. Professors there are just fabulous. The way they guide and the way they help a student to get good grades, I think this is really very super thing. But the student’s routine always disturbs there. Government Institutes another tragic story is, they give some money to the examination department for the good grades of their college’s students so that the rating of their college increase. Government Colleges are good but only when you want a life of a tuition or coaching. Government colleges like DJ SCIENCE, ADAMJEE. They are top listed colleges but when you go inside the buildings, you will always find a horrible scene there.

So, according to me both Institutes are good for the student but for me I think Government Institutes are much better. The reason is because of the expense of Private is really very much high as compared to Government Institutes. What I think is student attend their classes once a week just for a survey but in the evening they start taking heavy classes by any good tutor. Then, there will be no disturbance. These two places are really disturbing for the students. They always think what to choose and in the end they select in a pressure mode.

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