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Real Estate Jobs in Dubai

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Real Estate Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing commercial hub that is why the business or trend of real estate is flourishing in entire Emirate. People from all over the world are trying to acquire or purchases land for future use. This kind of investment is enhancing with the passage of time. Real estate work in Dubai or businesses created different kinds of employment for skilled and raw handed employees. The prime position or job in this real estate business is real estate agent. The real estate agent is the key person in this business that keeps the record of property and work directly with his clients. In real estate business the following jobs are normally advertised by this sector. Moreover, these real estate jobs in Dubai have advantage with basic salary package along other benefits like commission in a valid deal. Real estate jobs for beginners or without experience are also open.

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Real estate agent jobs in Dubai

Real estate agent jobs are vital in this business and he is the man that link parties, listing properties and have close association with owners and purchasers. This kind of job is frequently advertise and published in newspapers. Moreover, this job in Dubai offer handsome salary package along other benefits. Real estate jobs in Dubai for fresher, Indian, Pakistani and for British are equally open.

Real estate agent responsibilities

The real estate agent basically connect or link the sellers and buyers. He places the case and purchase offer in front of seller for review or consideration. He also participates in negotiation between seller and purchaser and explains other sales terms and conditions. He also provides comparison between the two properties and evaluate market price. Moreover, he also has an expertise in assessing property evaluation. The real estate agent also discuss market situation, value, mortgages and legal necessities of the concerned property. The real estate agent also advertises properties, create content for sales presentation, guide purchasers and explains advantages of concerned property. He also compile documents like purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases agreements.

Real estate agent job requirements

Real estate agent must be approachable and should be aware about his responsibilities. He must have amazing communication skills, contacts, reliability and truthfulness. The agent must be aware about property purchase procedure and have an outstanding negotiation skills. The position in Dubai demands minimum high school diploma, GED or equivalent. Moreover, applicant of this job must have sound experience of this field. Candidate must know office software and phone system,

Real estate agent job benefits

Dubai real estate agent job offers various kinds of advantages or benefits. Moreover, employer or company also provide the facility of visa sponsorship for this job. This job also gives wide range of health insurance, best commission, and relevant training and growth opportunities.

Real estate account job responsibilities

Real estate account is bridging between finance and sales department. He manages and calculates client payments as well as down payment and adopt various payment methods for property purchases. Moreover, bring ease in overseas bank transactions and maintain record of Customer Experience Management (CEM) system. The real estate accountant also compiles balance sheets to show profit or loss and prepare financial files. He also constructs the reports regarding payments and receivables.

Real estate account job requirements

The real estate accountant must have a relevant experience and skills. Moreover, better understand accounting standard in Dubai UAE. He should be equipped with book keeping experience and relevant software awareness.

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Real estate admin jobs responsibilities

Real estate admin jobs in Dubai is a full-time job that offers handsome salary package along other benefits. In case an applicant have one to two years relevant experience of real estate administration and can accommodate in fast-paced working environment then it is best jobs in Dubai. The position holder supervise and control CRM system, listing agent’s verification. The position holder is responsible for monthly updates and closely linked with portal account manager. He creates formulas and develop operational real estate strategies and update information. The real estate admin also look after property finder credits and other relevant portals. He also facilitate purchaser and seller in their deal and make sure a smooth transaction. Moreover, compiles papers regarding rental and sale transactions.

Real estate admin job requirements

This job demands at least one to two years relevant experience of real estate administration. Candidate must be an expert in CRM system (PFExpert, Bayut Profolio, Property Finder Manager, Bayut, Dubizzle, etc. Moreover, have awareness about Trakheesi and Dubai REST app.

Real estate consultant jobs responsibilities

A real estate consultant, or property consultant provide help in the process of selling or buying property. He brings ease in a deal and negotiate with both parties and bring them on a final deal. The consultant also provides his services regarding the property and compile different business proposals. The consultant also indicates commercial and residential properties to buyer and designs strategies to enhance the value of the property. The real estate consultant works or coordinate with individual investor, trade owners, financial lenders and other buyers or sellers.

Real estate consultant jobs requirements

Real estate consultant jobs in Dubai needs at least one year relevant experience of real estate. He must be equipped with sound awareness of native real estate market. Moreover, candidate must have effective communication and negotiation skills. Similarly, this job also require expertise in MS Office and advance software used in this field.

Real estate broker jobs responsibilities

Real estate broker jobs in Dubai is responsible to supervise smooth transaction of buyer and sellers. Moreover, he compile and draft contracts, facilitate in negotiation and caring both parties to reach on a settlement or deal. He also assess the desire of the clients, provide appropriate suggestions, mediate between the seller and buyer and prepare legal documents or contract of the property. He also keeps the track record of all sales and purchases.

Real estate broker jobs requirements

This position demands an outstanding interpersonal and convincing communication skills. He should be self-motivated and have capability to work independently. It is beneficent if he can communicate in English. The job of the broker is a full-time employment in Dubai. Moreover, this position also offer commission, which is usually handsome.

How to apply real estate jobs in Dubai

Real estate jobs are advertised in all kinds of mediums from print to electronic. Applicants from all over the world can apply if they have relevant skills, expertise or qualifications. Candidates can also apply online through provided format. In case candidate is selected for concerned job then employer will take an online interview. Similarly, after final selection employer or company will arrange a work visa for Dubai. The work visa allow the candidate to work and reside in Dubai. However, visa arrange is an employer concern. He applies on the behalf of the employees and arrange all necessary documents.

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