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Civic Education; Important For Development

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Civic education means sense of some basic practices to be a sensible citizen of society. Civic education is the need of today, and it is very crucial to make a country developed. Countries having strong civic sense are more powerful and influential both in economic and social standards.

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equal rights

Educational institutions of Pakistan and many other Asian countries focus mainly on academic qualification. Although civic sense is equally important and needs surveillance of authorities. Many issues come under civics; first and foremost is keep your surroundings clean.The second major threat to Pakistan is from pollution. People from every class, age are seen doing this activity of throwing garbage and it shows lack of civic sense clearly. Every street, road or vacant plot is filled with litter and there is no proper way of wasting it. Schools, college, university going students are also involved in this unethical act in spite of being literate.

walk safely
Every citizen must know about traffic sings and rules.

Secondly, following traffic signals is the allegiance to avoid any bad consequences. But youngsters especially feel so proud in breaking signals and keeping others life in jeopardy as well as their own. Traffic rules are for the well-being of society, but people didn’t realize its importance, even bikers use foot paths as road and a third track is made for them but still they wander in between cars. Vehicles are parked under the board of “no parking” and it is very annoying. Similarly, it is clearly mentioned on ambulances that “give way to ambulance”, so someone’s life can be saved. But many people ignore this, in fact they are serving mankind and one gesture of wiping ambulance way can give a new life to patient and revamp our standard in the eyes of Allah.

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Cellphones are not allowed during driving.

Use of cell phones is the requirement of everyone now-a-days but during driving it should be omitted because many accidents happen due to careless use of mobiles. Police charge fine if somebody violates laws but traffic police is not assign duties on every nook and corner. So this behavior is also common and against laws. Use of cell phones is an addiction for many people, even when someone is talking, they keep their eyes constantly on phones that antagonize other person and it is disrespect of elders. As someone has truly said “the greatest gift you can give to someone is the purity of your attention when somebody talks to you”. It seems very immoral but many people don’t take any notice and keep on repeating such mistakes without being guilty.

Civic education is the part of academics in western countries. Children’s are aware of dos and don’ts and follows strictly the teachings. One reason behind their development is that they consider civic sense an important feature for country progress. I think seminars should be conducted for both literate and illiterate citizens about the benefits of civic education. Because our country’s development can foster more rapidly if this need is fulfilled. Basic information or education about traffic rules and regulations should be given in schools starting from primary level so at young age they have awareness about right and wrong. If authorities are not active for this effort then on individual level some steps should be taken i.e. posters, pamphlets having information should be disseminated for knowledge so we can compete with the world and recognized for our manner able behavior.

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