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Security Guard Jobs in Saudi Arabia

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Security, one of the biggest problem of every place, like, if you develop, or make or built or organize something, always the first thing you need is security. Without it, you cannot make your things perfect and satisfactory. In the world, either it is Europe or Asia, every place needs security, because the characterless people are spread all around the world, and they just need to make their bellies full by money. Security Guards are the need of Saudi’s buildings and companies. In Saudi Arabia, there are more security guards jobs than Dubai I think so! Building are standing and they need good and promising guards who can look after their materials and places. From Pakistani, many people go there for security guard jobs. Again, I don’t know about applying online in these jobs, but Google is our best friend you can search if there is any platform on which you can apply online for security guard. In Saudi Arabia, checking is strict and if a foreigner wants to do job for security guard, then they need many things. In Saudi Arabian companies, there need for security guards are:-

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Your Visa with Overseas ID Card
Your police and past records.
Experience of a year at least
High school diploma and Intermediate degree required

So these were the requirement for a normal security guard of Saudi Arabia. It can be applied by a reference. Like you have to go there search companies and submit the proposal to every company for this job. Or you just have to tell your relative or friend if he lives in Saudi Arabia, just tell him to apply for him somewhere and then you can have this job. Pay of these jobs are around 600-700 riyals and Pakistani 20000rs. In this jobs, they give residence and take the hold of your visa and call you to their company for free. Saudi Arabia, offer good jobs and they badly and desperately want Pakistani to work for them. Well, what we are talking on, is security guard jobs. Security guard’s jobs hasn’t any requirement or need or education or experience. You just need to submit few things, like your identity card, records, achievements. You doesn’t need big and high education you have to just go there on student visa and that’s all, you can have a good life. In Karachi, many people went outside and literally they do work on security jobs. Same goes that if you need a job in the section of senior employee then requirements are increased. Then you need the following things:-

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Experience of 2-3 years in a company
Knows how to hold a weapon and how to shot on a target
Knows how to use security machines and knows about CCTV Cameras
Can look after juniors and can train their juniors well
High school diploma, Intermediate degree and a degree in security concerns.
Can communicate well in English and can deal with computers.

So these were the requirements if a person wants to go on senior post. The pay is then also increased and around 1500-2000 riyals are paid to the person which around 50,000 Pakistani Rupees. In extra, they give different roaming and gifts and entertainment. And they give you a good residence with refreshment on daily basis and a personal cabin and laptop. These senior jobs can be applied online and there are many jobs on the websites related to this and they need the person like this, because then they can also train greatly to their juniors.

So, you saw the difference between a junior job and a senior job. But I prefer if someone wants to go then he can start his career with normal security guard. So catch out your type of jobs and do search for more articles and don’t lose hopes just work hard!

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