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Singapore Changi Airport

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Singapore Changi Airport or simply known as the Changi Airport is one of the most famous airport of Asia especially Southeast Asia. It is the basic and primary civilian airport of Singapore which the largest hub for transportation in Southeast Asia.  This airport is known as the world’s famous and best airport from the statistics of 2013-16. This airport is located at the eastern end of Singapore in the region of Changi. This airport shares it border with the famous Marian Bay at approximately 10.7mi northeast. Several companies are operating this airport which includes the Singapore Airlines Cargo, Singapore Airlines, Scoot, and BOC Aviation.


The terminals of the Airport:-

The airport has the capacity to hold 66 million passengers which are with the three main passenger terminals. The airport is so luxurious that it contains an extra luxury terminal along with the three terminals which include the first class services with luxurious facilities and the passengers from all airlines can use with the excess fees. The airport is expanding in its terminals and three other terminals are planned to open in the coming years from year 2017-19 with much progress.

Facilities to the Passengers and Operations:-

The passenger traffic at Changi Airport is all the international traffic. So the international status Changi Airport is equipped with immigration-processing facilities. With the turnover and downfall the airport was damaged severely in the start of this century but after that it recovered and is again serving its clients with all vigor. The airport has achieved the mark of 50 million passengers in 2012 that is why it is considered as the best airport of the world from 2013.
In the cargo operations the airport has also hit a land mark in the history of all the airport in 2012 with the load of 1.81 million tons of cargo making it the 7th– busiest airport in all around the world.


The Changi Airport in Singapore has a variety of means of transportation throughout the world for carrying the passengers with one of the most exciting and amazing the ground transportation which has the East Coast Parkway built in it and it has a tandem built in them making the transportation facility to the midest of the city. Yes the passengers from the middle of city can travel here.
The terminals of the airport are located far away from each other keeping the space in between to allow for the movement of the passengers in between.  The other means of quick transportation for the airport is the system of Sky train (the kind of train carrying passengers in Sky) is used for the quicker and convenient transportation of luggage and passengers

Facilities for External Passengers:-

For the external passengers to move in the airport, the airport provides a handful of opportunities and facilities like the MRT (which is Mass Rapid Transit) located underground of the terminal 1, and 2 for the few passengers to be carried in. you will also see a handsome amount of the buses moving at this airport. Services such as SBS transit and Go- Ahead group uses the bus terminals, coaches are also present ant some places and now are expected to open at the Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Taxis are another hallmark of the airport, the taxis are present at the arrival halls of each terminal. All the facilities seem very luxurious but charge extra and a lot of money to be used

Airlines of the Airport:-

The airport has the tons of airline operating under it. The airport has a huge businesses by serving the passengers of those fancy and well known airlines. Some of them include the ANA cargo, DHL cargo, Air Bound Cargo, Cargolous, China Airlines Cargo, Emirates Cargo and Etihad Cargo etc.
Safety and Security Measures at Singapore Changi Airport:-

This is one of the safest airport in the world even though with the high rates of passenger traffic, and cargo traffic, it is still the safest. Other than the fact that many accidents and incidents happened there but people still feel safe to travel here. Some of the services of safety include the Firefighting services, auxiliary police services and cargo, passengers and luggage screening tight services as of the Dubai International Airport

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