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Study, Study and Study! The only chant of parents and elders nowadays. A process from which a child gets his uniqueness. Sometimes when this is not in someone’s mind then that person become demotivate from every place. In 90s, the time wasn’t so strict for studies but nowadays parents are doing everything for their children. They are holding every big expense of studies and arranging everything for their child’s studies. Our elders cannot believe when they see their parents forcing their children for studies. This is the only reason why children are become so accurate and intelligent that they know everything from their childhood and I cannot expect good signs from upcoming generation. Well, loans are also given for studies of a child. For suppose, a family cannot arrange that semester money or they cannot hold his studies expense so they take loans and give the assurity of returning. I think Pakistan don’t give study loans but I know about Australia. A place where very youngster wants to go. Where every win is leading. In Australia, you have many reasons to go, its environment, its culture, its people, its weather, its places for job and for studies. Studies are the most important thing and parents do every possible thing for children’s studies. Nowadays, parents are involved in children’s studies so much that they can even sell their golds and savings for their child’s studies. Sometimes parents has to sell everything of them just because of their child’s progress. Believe you me, I know the hearts of parents the way they invests, because my brother is an example.

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Well, in these all situations, foreign countries introduced a loan that is known as Study Loan that offers a great thing to students. Though, it is a flop idea but still, many futures are created because of these loans. Study loans are not given in Pakistan, but in outer countries it is given. In Korea, UK, USA, study loans are given. Everyone knows that studies are earning so much that for child’s future parents are giving everything for their children. Recently, a boy went outside, I think he went to Australia for studies on loan. So when he arrived there, he studied hard. And his father was already took loan. When his father died, that bank form they took loan, they went to his father’s home for money and believe you me they never respected of the moment at that time instead they were just standing and to his grave they went for money. And that child cannot come to his father and the he struggled hard for his studies and made a banner on which he wrote about his loan settlement. So this is sometimes really very awkward and that’s why elders say do whatever you want to, but do it on your own. Don’t take the things from the people when you want your freewill. Well, if I tell you about the rate of taking loans by students. You won’t believe. About 700,000 students borrowed about 2.7 trillion KRW in 2011. KOSAF seeks lower interest rates by issuing direct loans. Since KOSAF issue government-guaranteed bonds, students can borrow directly from the foundation, which reduces their burden on tuition payment. Here, Kosaf are giving loans. They are helping you in academic fields. Search about it.

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