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Educational Networks in Pakistan

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 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”  Nelson Mandela. Education is the backbone of every society. Without education no country can survive. Education plays an important role in the development of the country. Education builds the nations and brings the prosperity and development in the country. We are the citizens of Pakistan, where there are many education systems. There are different mediums of education. There is English medium school system, Urdu medium school system and madrassa system. These all different education systems are giving the different kind of education to the students. Diversity in syllabus offered to the students. No doubt that English medium schools are offering good quality of education. They are offering the oxford and British syllabus. They are different from the traditional schools.

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Knowledge is Power

The students of these schools are aware of latest technologies. They are able to survive in the modern technological world. They get best jobs opportunities, companies prefer to higher the people whom schooling is from beacon house or city schools etc. The students of these schools are more confident and independent. The students of these schools are unaware of teachings of Islam.

All languages are necessary to read and learn.

There are Urdu medium schools which are usually under the government. The students of these schools are belongs to middle or lower middle class. The students are unaware of modern technologies. Computer education is not necessary at primary level. They could not pay attention on the extracurricular activities which made the students dull and boring. The students are less confident than students of English medium schools. Teachers of these schools are not able and hardworking they do snot pay attention to enhance the abilities of the students.

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People who get their education from these schools find difficulty in getting good jobs. Companies preferred people who are coming from English schools. It causes inferiority complex in the people. There are plus points of the Urdu mediums schools. They are providing very cheap education that everybody can afford it. They are not putting the burden of education on the students.find your job

The other is  madrassa system in Pakistan. They are giving the Islamic education to their students and ignoring to giving the modern education. Most students studying in the madrassas belongs to poor families. Poverty is an important factor that strict the parents to sent them in madrassas because they are providing free of cost education. The students of the madrisas are timid and shy they do not actively participate in the activities. They are unaware of modern technologies. They are unable to survive in the modern technological world. They do not find the jobs opportunities because they do not get the modern or technical education. After completing their education they have only one opportunity to earn money is becoming the Imam of any mosque.

Maddrisa provide education and guidance of life

These different mediums of education are producing different classes in the society. They are creating huge gaps between the people. We should spread awareness in the people that modern education is important as well as Islamic education is concerned. It is an alarming situation of education system in Pakistan. The government should take initial steps to make a unique education system in Pakistan. The quality of education is needed to improve. Professionally trained teachers should be higher in government schools especially rural areas of the country.

It is the Government’s duty to approve uniform curriculum for all institutions and then make sure that institutions must follow it. Uniform curriculum will be a bridge between the poor and the rich class and will eliminate the gap and unite them.

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