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Things You Must not Keep in Your Phone

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Things You Must not Keep in Your Phone

In this article I have listed some things I would not suggest keeping in your phones if you want a happy healthy life with a fresh brain. You don’t have to follow these things but if you give a try, you will be amazed at the results and the positivity that sparks in your life.


Facebook is the oldest social media platform and millions around the world use it. But I don’t think it is a healthy thing to keep facebook or any social media in your phone. What happens is that even when we are talking to someone face to face, we can’t stop looking at our phone screens scrolling down and checking out what someone is up to miles apart, when the person sitting in front of us gets ignored. Also an important thing to note is that according to an old study, the human mind has a less attention span, therefore, when we feed in so many things in to our brain through our cell phones, we tend make our memories poor and thus dementia occurs soon. We start forgetting things and not keeping a track of what we were doing before scrolling down. Multi tasking becomes impossible and the brain starts working slower, making us exhausted all the time.


I personally love Instagram because it is an amazing medium to share your photography and artwork and even graphic design work with people and potential clients. But the drawback of keeping it in my phone was that my mind wasn’t resting at all. I would worries and thinking 24/7 about my Instagram theme. There were days when I wouldn’t do any house work or t=other important things and just sit down watching my Insta feed again and again, trying to figure out what looked nice and what colour to keep. So I will not suggest one to keep Instgram in their phones because you would either be clicking photos and so many photos rather than enjoying the actual moment, or you would be worried about your theme.

Your pictures and videos

Your pictures and videos are your personal life. And even though you put all your life o social media, keeping pictures in phone has two disadvantages, first, if the phone gets lost, you have a danger of privacy and someone might use them wrong. Second is the space in your phone gets filled with all the pictures and thus some of the important apps don’t work properly as well. What many don’t know is that, one picture that you keep in your phone can take up to many kbs. And videos take even more space. So I suggest transferring them to your computers or laptops in order to have your phone work with a good speed.


There are so many people who love to play games on their phone. Not only kids but grownups and adults play games too and I see a lot of cell phones filled with them. I on the other hand believe they are utter waste of time. They divert our attention from many important tasks and the time flies without us ding much work other than sitting and playing. I don’t say playing games isn’t good or healthy. If you are playing mind exercise or other creative games, it iss good for the brain. But keeping them in your phone takes up so much space, you energy and your time. So get out of your phones for some time and watch the real world with real eyes, not the flat screens.

ATM pins and other passwords

ATM pins and other important passwords are not something mostly people keep in their phones but if you have saved them somewhere in the notes or probably the sticky notes. I wouldn’t suggest that. Phones get lost or someone might peek at them while checking some photos you have shown them.

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Aymen, a graduate of BS Honors Fatima Jinnah Women University, is a creative writer, content creator and graphic designer who has been working as a freelancer from clients around the globe since 2013.

Also being a lifestyle blogger at http://aymenarif.online.pk/ and writer at The News, she has had her first two novelettes Fears Unveiled and To Mystiko Diamante published for Smash Magazine for Youth, Pakistan, in 2014.
The author loves being creative and productive and likes to utilize her skills in branding and logo design, professional Photoshop and Illustrator, interior design and even management, to help others in need.

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