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Tips to Live in The Modern World

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Tips to live in the modern world

Modern day has many advantages and many disadvantages as well on health and our life. In this article I have mentioned a few tips that you can follow to live a better and healthier life in the 21st century surrounded with technology and so many devices. You will feel a huge difference in your moods and routine and overall health if you apply these tips. Take care of your physical and mental health today and your body will thank you in years to come.

Larger screens for reading

For those who are book loves and read EBooks, this one is for you. If you want to read EBooks or any articles, try reading them on larger screens like tablets or laptops. Cell phones are also fine if you have devices with larger screens like some apple and Samsung phones. Also there are some gadgets that are called as E-readers and work exclusively for book reading. So you can either buy them or install or download things on your laptop and read every time you sit down to dive in the book world. This will be helpful for your eyes, eyesight, headaches and other brain related problems. Another thing to keep in mind, instead of lying in a dark room and squeezing your eyes to look in to the phone screen, turn on the lights and then work or use your phone.

Technology free hours

This is not only a tip but also a very important part of the modern lifestyle. With technology and electric devices and appliances there are harmful rays that get absorbed by the body. These rays cause our body cells to start erupting and at most times start reproducing at a much faster rate which in turn causes tumors and clots, resulting in cancer. So now when I say technology free hours are good for the health, trust me.  The best tip in this world of rays and harm is to have a few hours every day that are completely free of technology. You can take our 1 hour in the morning from getting up to breakfast and getting ready, take 2 hours in the evening when you go out and walk, probably sit with someone and talk about life, take 1 hour at your dinner time when you switch off your computer and TV and all other appliances (just not the fridge of course) and breath in the fresh ray free air around you.

Anti viruses and proper privacies

Cyber crime is one of the largest done crimes in the world today. From computers being hacked to all your information being stolen by someone and used in who knows what and where, these crimes have taken a speed of light. With these crimes however, there is also a pressure on people to whether leave the cyber world and go in cave or keep using them and be bullied. The best thing you can do is to first remove anyone from your circle who can either prove to be toxic for you or a total waste of time. Secondly always have your privacies on. No matter what medium you are using, go in the privacy settings and bring your wall up high.

Don’t add strangers on social media

Social media is not about wasting time with total strangers. It is to connect with people who are either family or friends. It is about connecting and interacting with people you already know. So dust away this misconception from your mind and try not adding any strangers in your profiles. These are not only great security precautions but also a means of saving your time and energy. In this fast and social world it is very easy for us to lose track of time and our goals. Cut these distractions of your list and only invest in people who are closer and dear.

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Aymen, a graduate of BS Honors Fatima Jinnah Women University, is a creative writer, content creator and graphic designer who has been working as a freelancer from clients around the globe since 2013.

Also being a lifestyle blogger at http://aymenarif.online.pk/ and writer at The News, she has had her first two novelettes Fears Unveiled and To Mystiko Diamante published for Smash Magazine for Youth, Pakistan, in 2014.
The author loves being creative and productive and likes to utilize her skills in branding and logo design, professional Photoshop and Illustrator, interior design and even management, to help others in need.