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Tips to Drink More Water in Summer

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Tips to Drink More Water in Summer

Summer is not just a time of scorching heat and warm days but also the zone where one need to take care of so many things including dehydration and sun burn. It is seen that people who don’t even go out also need to be super careful when it comes to the very hot days of June July and august. Because the UV rays of the sun travel through the air and might affect any one whether in the shade or out in the open under the scorching sun. Therefore it is advised to be super careful in super and increase the water intake to a greater extent. Water not only has healing properties and helps in weight loss but also, it is essential for the cells of the body. That is why from doctors to fitness trainers and beauty experts, every one encourages people to drink more water.

Eat cucumber

Pretty obvious fact known by even the tiniest kids is that cucumber has almost like 95 to 98% water stored in it. so the best way to drink water if you are not a plain water person, is to eat as much cucumber as you can. Slice it up and eat with a pinch of salt. Cut it and put in the salads along with tomatoes and fruits. Cut it and put it in a water bottle and keep drinking that water. Although it will be counted as drinking water but at least not the plain one.

Make fruit infused water

Fruit infused waters are a new trend in the de-tox and weight loss world. People who can’t drink plain water have this excellent way to taking in more water as well as other healthy contents of the fruits too. All you need to do is take a water bottle. Cut some fruits and put them in that water bottle. Leave it over night and keep drinking the next day. The fruits you can use must be juicy though. If you put a banana or apple in that water, its not going to be so helpful. You can use oranges, lemon and limes, cherries and blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple etc. whatever fruit you use, just make sure it is fresh and juicy.

Drink in a large glass with a straw

This is the trick I use on my mind and body every day. If you take a small glass and drink water in it, less water would be taken in and it will still be counted as one glass. And if you take a large plastic glass in which smoothies are served and drink water in it, more water would be consumed and it will be counted as one glass too. So the better option is to go for the larger glass. Add a straw too and you can sip it while working too. Your mind will monitor it to be one glass but your body will be filled with two glasses. This is a genius hack and trust me, the mind doesn’t realizes that you are drinking so much of water in one go.

Drink before every snack

This is also a very simple drink and easy to remember task. Every time you go to eat a snack, just drink one glass water before it. Now human bodies like to eat a lot. We snack on smaller things through the day, so if you eat almost 6 times a days, including your meals and cookies and evening snack, if you drink a glass of water every time before these snacks, it makes 6 glasses. So you basically can drink 6 glasses of water in a day. Even if you drink 4 this way and also switch the small glass with a larger one, it makes the amount double. So drink 8 glasses like this. Mix some fruits in that water and you make it even more healthy.

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