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Tips to Make Smaller Places Appear Bigger

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Tips to Make Smaller Places Appear Bigger

This I believe is a very important article for all those out there who either travel a lot and have to rent smaller places for some time, have less budgets or live in smaller places. Not everyone can own a huge house and frankly speaking, the creative thing is not to own a huge house and hire an expensive designer to renovate and decorate it for you by buying exaggeratedly expensive items. Your creativity and skills are seen when you transform a boring small area in to something classy with less crowd. Making smaller places appear is although a tricky thing but not entirely impossible. There is one thing people must keep in mind and that is a home or place doesn’t mean you can bombard it with every large and tiny thing you have and suffocate the place and also yourself. Keep a few things out of that place. Just put things in a balance without making your place look like a thrift store.

In this article we will discuss a few easy tricks and tips to make smaller places appear bigger while also taking care of your creative monsters and taming them with good taste and balanced ambiance. These tricks are applicable for everyone around the globe no matter you are a student living in a dorm, married couple trying to set their life and career or a small family living in a small place.

Remove excess stuff

The excess stuff is all the decoration piece you have excitedly collected over the time. But the thing is, you might love them more than your pets and your kids but the point here is, would you rather live in a place where you can breathe openly and actually see the entire place or get stuffed in a thrift store with mounds and mounds of material you don’t even use in daily life? Get rid of anything which is not a necessity and adding great meaning to your life. Keep things minimum and basic.

Colour mythology and tricks

This one is although obvious to designers but I have seen that most common people who have not studied design basics and principles don’t know this one. When the places are larger you can use darker colours to paint your walls. But when the rooms are small, the light and bright colours give them a more open and airy feel. Think of it, in a small room, which colour would make it appear bigger, dark blue or light sky blue, dark brown or soft beige? You can use any colour you like but go for its pastel and softer tones instead of darker tints and pigments.

Multipurpose furniture

This tip is my favourite one because it lets you play a lot with different kind of furniture variations and you have the lluxury to divert a ittle from the typical large furnitures we see in every other house hold. So instead of having a sofa, a side table, a book shelf or random rack, a cabinet and drawers in a small living room you also have a tv and lamps or etc, how about you buy or have a sofa custom made with inbuilt drawers at its base. This way you don’t need those extra book shelves or side table.secondly instead of having a centre table, extend your sofa side a little with flat wooden surface and you can use it as your side table.

Switch lamps with string lights or wall lights

Who doesn’t like table lamps and floor lamps? But unfortunately they do crowd the place and you get less room to stand or walk around the place without hitting a lamp or something else. So for now, get rid of floor lamps and large table lamps and hang string lights on either a wall or a corner or even on any furniture piece. It will save up so much space and also look cozy and magical.

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Also being a lifestyle blogger at http://aymenarif.online.pk/ and writer at The News, she has had her first two novelettes Fears Unveiled and To Mystiko Diamante published for Smash Magazine for Youth, Pakistan, in 2014.
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