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UBL Home Loan

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UBL, stands for United Bank Limited. Assalam O Alaikum, here Abdul Moiz Qadir presenting an article on loans. What are loans actually? Well, a long story behind this. Sometimes a helpful thing and sometimes a dangerous one. In Pakistan, the usage of loans are quite high. Around 20-30 families of the town, takes loans for their early betterment. Some of the people who cannot afford their owns house, cars or business, they only goes towards this. UBL, a bank in Pakistan made by Zulfiqaar Ali Bhuthho, in 90s when this bank was one of the most greatest bank. And still it is a pride of Pakistan banks. They introduced many packages, loans etc for the people and many people availed it without any disturbance. They became an advanced bank and around 100+ branches they have opened in Pakistan. Well, in my sight the most valuable package and popular package for them was ‘SILAH MILA’. Well, Homes are an important need. Obviously! No one can live without shelter. In Pakistan, residence is quiet hard to find and it is a bit expensive as well. The market value of housing is pretty much. Well, so UBL introduced loans for house purchasing where you can take loans  and avail every offer of them.

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Requirements are quite easy and I recommend you to at least check it once because it is an important thing, sometimes. Owning a house of your very own is a cherished dream. A lot of planning and hard work is involved in making this dream come true. Well, making your home is not that much easy. Many things are involved to made your dream come true. In Pakistan, residence is the problem, specially in Karachi that how we will find house because it costs pretty high. Small flats also costs around lakh rupees. Well, UBL is the gives people chance to make their house. Like obviously you cannot buy a house at once, because it costs high. UBL gives a great chance that buy your own built house and the money will be given by the banks UBL. Some deals are also with insurance, that with house cost they provides insurance as well. So its an affordable deal and it helped many new married couples. Make your house and then return all money on monthly bases as an Installment. It made many life easier and fresh couples are satisfied with this. When we will talk about Eligibility Criteria so there are many requirements. First and most requirement is that minimum monthly income of a person who is taking loan is Rs.50,000 no matter how but they will check everything about him. Second is the age limit that his age must of 23-65 years. Then obviously, a person whose resident is in Pakistan. Self-employed businessman/professional or salaried individual. So up till now a good and affordable requirement. Last but not the least, loan rate. That you can take minimum 500,000rs from bank as a sign of loan. Further, there are many processes as well, like documentation process in which you have to handle them your NIC and other personal documents. But that’s the main and important thing and then they will guide you and tell you the whole criteria of the place. So a good thing to see for the families, specially!

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  1. Dear Sir,
    just want to know about housing loan. how much maximum bank is offering loan and what is the requirement to avail the housing loan facility??

  2. dear sir,
    i am the account holder of UBL and i want to know about housing loan. how much maximum bank is offering loan and what is the requirement to avail the housing loan facility??

  3. want to know about housing loan. how much maximum bank is offering loan and what is the requirement to avail the housing loan facility??i am an account holder of UBL

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