Waiter Jobs at Dubai Hotels

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Dubai Hotels:-
Dubai is a superlative modern city of architectural marvels, Dubai is a gleaming desert on the Persian Gulf Coast. Dubai is the city of the glamorous hotels, fine multicultural dining and some coolest nightlife in the Middle East. With its reputation on the playground, the luxurious hotels in Dubai come in 5-star style. The luxurious hotels include the glittering chandeliers, ocean views of plush sites and exotic spas.

Waiter Jobs at Dubai Hotels:-

As there are a number of different hotels so there exists a variety of waiter jobs at Dubai hotels. This is a good profession to take but good salary with minimal requirements of education and experiences.

Requirements for the Waiter Job:-

The job does not require too much of the experiences and the requirements are generally based upon the company and the hotel which are hiring you. You need to come on the Working Visa which has its own requirement. Some countries do not require any VISA to enter UAE and Dubai but others do. If you plan to work from Pakistan you definitely need a VISA which will be long term in nature and its duration is 3 years. To work here, firstly you need a residency VISA. The residency VISA is granted upon your basis of your sponsorship of your business in UAE or employment contract you have with your client or your company. There is a recent change in law for people coming from abroad and for the local citizens as well.  Along with the residency VISA, you get an ID card which is the Emirates ID card. This is the electronic identification card issued by the Emirates Identity authority and is known as the EIDA. This card contains all your vital information regarding your name, date of birth, living status, nationality, residency, occupation and marital status.

How to Apply for a Waiter Job at Dubai:-

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To get a waiter Job at Dubai, you need to apply online, there are various websites which are working solely for this purposes and will lead you the complete guideline on how to apply online.

The name of the websites include Dubizel and Indeed. Com. The people who want to apply from Pakistan check this website named as Bayat. Com. This website is solely working for people who want to work abroad form Pakistan to Persian Gulf and United Arab Emirates. The websites are there to facilitate the expat and foreign employs with the list of various jobs from the profession you want to choose, the salary packages and the requirements. How to apply things and what will you be needing to get that job. From there you can get your job based upon the requirements given.

The Best Places to Work in Dubai Hotels:-

 The best hotel to work as a Waiter in a Dubai Hotel will be the ones which are exotic in nature, the ones which are included in the list of high fi and elite hotels of Dubai. The names of some of the them are Milenium Plaza Dubai hotel, Residence and Spa at Royal Mirage, Raffles Dubai, Jumeriah at Madinat e Jumeriyah, The Palm Dubai, The address Dubai Marina, Grosvenor House Dubai, Park Hyat Dubai, the Oberoi Dubai, JA Palm tree court and Moven Pick.

Life as Working in Dubai as Waiter:-

Life as Working as Waiter in Dubai would be quite glamorous to a few but not so glamorous to others. The maximum wage which they pay to senior waiters with a numbers of years of experience will be AED 3000. Otherwise they pay you only AED 1800. If you plan on boosting your career by working as a waiter here, then this is not a good option. However the other facilities which you get by working here are services like medical services, transportation, residency and other occupational facilities and yes other things which you can enjoy at working in an exotic place like Dubai

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