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UAE Work Visa and Jobs

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In the Middle East on the Persian Gulf seven states combine to make a federation today known as the United Arab Emirates (UAE).The reason that they are called emirates is that they are ruled by the emirs. These seven beautiful states are usually known as Abu dhabi, Ummal-quwain Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras-al-kaimah and last but never the least Dubai. One of the other special things about the UAE is that they produce the seventh largest oil supply in the world and this is the same reason that their economical grown is at arisen. Its great quality of life makes it a more comfortable and preferable country in this huge world. UAE is also in the list of one of the most attractive nations for job keepers as the nation offers a variety of jobs because no matter how much developed it becomes, Emirates is always trying to improve the environment of it along with constructing more and more buildings, plazas, residential areas and a lot of other stuff. The most jobs found in UAE are in the fields of banking and finance, construction, service in industries which include tourism, oil and natural gas. The jobs in UAE are also open for the white collar workers as well as the blue collar workers. UAE is a great attraction for all kinds of people belonging to all kinds of nations around the world.

Jobs Along With a Work Visa in UAE
Jobs Along With a Work Visa in UAE

How to get a Job/Work visa in UAE:

For getting a job in UAE you first need a labor card. The labor card is one of the essential things required to work in the UAE.

The first thing your employer checks if you’re a legal man and he gets to know this by watching your residential card. The two ways to get a residential visa is to be sponsored either by a relative or a company. There is no other way of getting the residential card for an average person.

After being sponsored by a company the company has to do all the formalities to get you the employment visa by which you are allowed to work for the company. This is obviously the reason why it is also the easiest way of getting a visa to UAE.

Most of the companies sponsor candidates from countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines and other countries like these and give them jobs in their companies. The company then takes the candidates to UAE so they can work for them.

Let us give you some tips so it can be even easier for you to get a job along with a work visa in UAE.

  • The passport that you contain should at least be valid until 6 months or it could be hard going there and coming back and plus the company will also face problems.
  • It is essential that you should never in the past have visited Israel, this will be known to others by looking at your passport.
  • You should have a marriage certificate if your spouse is accompanying you.
  • You should have your documents in which your qualification is shown.
  • If you are going to UAE to work for the professional category of the employment visa you need the minimum degree of the bachelors that has been approved and accepted by the UAE embassy where you are living.
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