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As we know that Dubai relies on its tourism and the city is one of the Gold Cities in the world. Dubai has succeeded in bagging the tourist’s attention towards the city which provides many sources of entertainment.the lovely city is famous for its day-fun adventures such as Safari Life , Sand boarding and bungee riding but on the other side it has the most exciting and sensational bases of Night amusement.

Nightlife in Dubai

Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai nightlife offers many things to the visitors but the major one which fascinates the most is the clubs and the exotic bars.‘Barasti’, ‘Pulse’, ‘Mehkki’ and ‘Warehouse’ are the renown ones which are recognized easily by many.

Further more, Dubai gives a chance to spend a whole night in the dunes of desert and it offers amazing packages like midnight safari, camping, henna art , belly dancing and much more. Safari Bookings can be done easily on the websites or one can contact them through a phone call. Dubai nightlife is admazing

The Sheikh Zayed road is itself a hub of entertainment, the glittery and sparkly buildings are the main attraction on that road. These dazzling structures plays a vital role in making the City’s Night more beautiful. You can get everything here – From classy hotels to roadside cafes!

Nightlife of Dubai has extraordinary scene. People call it a desert but they really don’t know that the golden desert has grains of gold inside it which means that the city is occupied by amazing places.

The burj Khalifa gives a chance to party at the Armani Prive which is simply mesmerizing and hypnotic. Plus, on the special occasions and festivals people get to see those wonderful Fireworks on the tallest tower. Dancing Fountain near the Worlds Biggest Mall (Dubai Mall) is the total fun place and usually kids are seen over there playing water-splash games.


Dubai Nightlife

The Dubai nights famous for triple C . Triple C’s?  You must be thinking whats that.. The C’s here stands for Clubs, Concerts and Celebrities. Night life is nothing without them especially the celebs. Renown celebrities like Jennifer lopez, Pitbull, Nicki minaj, Katy perry and Wiz khalifa are the celebs who often visits the city to party. Their appearance helps the city to grab all the attention and maintain the PR.

Moreover, the Tuesday is a day for ladies regarding entering the clubs, on this day they do not have to pay for their entry and men are strictly not allowed. The ladies day is made by arabs so that women can enjoy too. The weekends are Thursdays and Fridays in the city and a lot of traffic can be seen on the roads and streets as people rush to see Dubai night fun.

Few things one should keep in mind while planning the night out – Clubs usually close at 3am, drink and drive is strictly prohibited and Tuesdays are dedicated to women only. Once you understood the simple rules then you can have all the fun which you dream of.