The Burj Al Arab Luxury Hotel Dubai

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The Beautiful Burj Al Arab is the luxurious 7 star hotel and the tallest among the hotels in Dubai as it is the third tallest of the world . It is constructed on the artificial base of ground in the middle of the sea. It is designed as a sail of ship and can be seen from the nearby beach known as “Jumeirah”. The Burj Al Arab is around 100m away from the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Mock island of Burj Al Arab is connected to Dubai main land through a private bridge. The Burj is almost 5 Km away from the Palm Island. The Burj Al Arab Dubai is 1050 ft above the sea level. Bold stones are used for lavish decoration of the interior, indoor and outdoor swimming pool,  health spa, beach and rooms for massage treatment, steam rooms, equipments for fitness, library, hair salon and pool tables are also offered by the Burj Al Arab hotel. On the 27th floor of the Burj, there is an amphitheatre . Well furnished meeting and conference rooms are also present on the same floor.  The Burj Al Arab Dubai also provides wireless internet connection for the visitors. Limousine or helicopter can also be arranged if anyone want to travel by these to the airport.

The Burj al Arab
Burj Al Arab Luxury Hotel

It took a long time to build this unique structure but when it was done , Burj bagged all the attention globally because of its beauty and exquisiteness. There are two different types of suites in the Burj Al Arab; one is small and the other is royal. The maximum area of suit covers 780 m sq. The Royal Suit billed at US$ 18,716 per night which is approximately 19 lacks in Pakistani Currency and it was marked as 12th on Worlds 15 most expensive hotel suits.

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There are many restaurants and cafes in Burj Al Arab Hotel but some are really stunning for example “The Mahara” offers you the view of large sea water aquarium which is the finest piece of the restaurant. It is a seafood restaurant that can be reached through fascinating a submarine. Also the cocktail bar of this restaurant  provides an extra ordinary view of the Jumerah Beach Shoreline. Other than this, a Persian restaurant called “Al Muntaha” is also striking , offering a view of the city Al Muntaha is one of the most famous restaurants present inside the hotel. Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel offers great pan-Asian cuisine.

Bur al Arab Swimming Pool View
The Burj Al Arab Swimming Pool View

As we know that Dubai is an International city and the mega structure is its main attraction –  The Burj got international fame mainly by some stunts or appearances of celebs! Big names like Tiger woods, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer made the hotel more attractive and attention seeking by their stunts and presence in the hotel. In 2004 Tiger woods was seen in the hotel playing golf on the helipad of the hotel. Moreover, Roger and Andre were also caught playing tennis on the same helipad which is 210 m above the ground. Many stunts like these were done just to grab media attention.

The Burj Al Arab hotel is the luxurious 7 star hotel which must be visited by everyone. Its not just a hotel but a portion of heaven on earth. Infact it is the best hotel among all the hotels in Dubai

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