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Banking Jobs in Dubai

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Banking is one of those professions which is liked by most of the people and they want to join just after completing their studies. In start a new banker may get a job as a cashier but as time progresses, their rank goes higher up to assistant manager and bank manager.

Within few decades, many banking jobs were introduced in the world including Dubai because of innovation in the field of banking. The loan, credit card and insurance departments were introduced in banking which opened new ways for the people who want to work in the field of banking. As compared to other countries of the world, Dubai has become a country which has endless banking jobs. There are lots of parts of a bank which are always recruiting many professional bankers. The customer banking, commercial banking, investment banking, marketing the public relations, human resource department, IT department, administration and many other departments of banks in Dubai are always in the need of the man power.

All the people working in banks do not have to face the people. There are certain people who work behind the scene and make it possible for the bank to run smoothly. If you get the job of cashier or assistant manager, then you will have to face the customers.

The banking staff in Dubai is required to work for 48 hours in a week. Two days in week which are Thursday and Friday are off for people working in bank. Usually the banker has to work for 8 hours a day but sometimes the hours also increase when there is workload on the staff. As told earlier that there are some jobs in banks of Dubai in which the workers have to work behind the scene, their job can be 24 hours a day. in such situation, the job shift pattern is used.

It is important to note that if the person in Dubai bank is expelled because of any reason, it is impossible for him to get the job in any other bank of Dubai again. It is mentioned in the contract that you cannot work in the same field again for next 12 months after leaving the job.

How to get the job in Dubai bank?

 There are lots of websites on the internet which tells you about the job positions in banks of Dubai and about the high salary package with lots of facilities. The one thing which a candidate never knows is that it is too much difficult to get the job in the banks of Dubai.

Usually in banks of Dubai, the preference is given to the Dubai nationals. If you have enough knowledge and experience then it is quite possible you can win the completion with the local people work force of Dubai and the bank will hire you.

When you find a job vacancy in any bank of Dubai, the first step that you will have to do is to send your CV to their HR department. If they select you, they will interview on telephone or on skype by face to face phone call. They can be multiple interviews that you will have to get through in order to get selected by the bank of Dubai. They may check you deeply. They will check you background, your history and they may also ask you to provide some references. There are some banks which may ask you to take psychometric test.

Another way to get the job is to keep checking the official website of each bank. Whenever there will be an open vacancy, they will update it on their website. There are also some other websites which are serving the internet users by informing them about the latest job positions. These websites will also provide you all the details of the job vacancy very comprehensively. Some of the websites also ask you to upload your CV on their website and then they inform you whenever there is any job related to your skills.

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