Land of Beaches is Dubai

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DUBAI has a sundry, multinational, assorted and multicultural society.  Dubai is considered the most crowded city and after the Abu Dhabi (capital) the second largest emirate. The mostly population is Muslim. The Islamic dress cipher is not essential; however there is a self-effacing dress cipher in Dubai. Restriction on coarse clothing is an attribute of the Dubai to which visitors are predictable to obey the rules.

beauty of Dubai.
Beauty of Dubai

Dubai has obligatory anti-lewdness embargo in all public places out-of-the-way from clubs and bars. Sleeveless shirts and short dresses are banned at the malls or outsides. Some sightseers and traveler pay no attention to the official dress cipher and laws. Visitors are not allowed from dressing incongruously by enlightening too much of their skin. Dress must be in suitable lengths.

fashion and style
Fashion of Dubai Girls.

Dubai’s males member prefer to wear a “Thawb or Thobe” an ankle-length white shirt wicker from cotton or wool, and all Dubai women wear Abaya, as a dress code to cover their body. Dubai national ordinary male could have up to 45-50 Thawb as they keep altering their dresses to make sure the clothes being kept clean.

This apparel is particularly well-suited for the Dubai dry and hot environment, the basis being that the white shroud imitates reflects the sunlight, for that reason the Dubai national men carry white shrouds all over the summer spice while colorful dresses are seen during the winters.

bars of Dubai
Dubai Bars are the center for festivity and celebration.

Today in the world, Abaya is a fashion and sing of elegance it cover the beauty of women. Abaya is the well known costume in Dubai. And women from all over the world especially secure their orders for buy their stylish and fashionable Abayas.

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Dubai food is very famous and is offered everywhere in the street of the city, Dubai hotels are always ready to welcome their visitors. Chinese cuisines, Fast food and South Asian foods are also very trendy and are commonly accessible. Maintaining tourism is the main strategy from the government of Dubai. Which increase the foreign money in their accounts and they earn profits.

Burj Khalifa
The longest building of Dubai is Burj Khalifa.

Major holidays are on Eid-ul-azha, Eid-ul-fitr, and National Day. They celebrate it with the whole community of Muslim Ummah. Dubai culture is mostly based on Islam and Arab desert areas. Other religions are existing due to non-Muslim existence in Dubai. Dates are the tastiest fruits of Dubai. Today the architect-ed buildings are the most populous thing in Dubai. Burj khalifa the tallest building of the world make the Dubai more famous than before.

Dubai hotel's hospitality  and pleasure is famous in the world.
Dubai hotel’s hospitality and pleasure is famous in the world.

Arabic is the most frequent speaking language in Dubai but in workplaces where a lot of labor from different countries get to gather speak English. A lot of nations live at Dubai and they speak English with each other. A lot of fashion shows are arranged at that place. Dubai is considering the most entertainment place of the world. Dubai people are famous for their hospitality and generosity.

Every visitor has wish and effort to go Dubai and see the heighten buildings live. Dubai is famous for their long palm trees and the most important place of Dubai is Palm Island which is an artificial Island. Eagles and camels are their favorite pet animals. Dubai’s climate is very hot and humid. Dubai is called the “land of beaches”.

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