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Dubai International Airport

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Dubai international airport is known to be the largest hub in the gulf countries which is the home base of the flag carrier emirates of Dubai. Due to large number of passengers, Dubai international airport has become one of the busiest airports of the world. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the yearly figure moving through the Dubai international airport will hit 100 million.

Dubai international airport was created in 1960 and since its creation; it has become one of the most important hub of the gulf regions of the world. There are lots of activities which have been provided to the visitors for their distraction. There are many sources of entertainment and indulgence in the airport for those passengers who don’t have time to go out from the airport and visit the city. You can enjoy lots of things between two connecting flights.

There are four things to do at the Dubai international airport:-

  1. Shopping opportunities:

Dubai airport’s huge shopping mall has become a paradise for the lovers of shopping. The airport has been awarded with the 26000 square meters retail space which has been given more extension at the end of 2015. The selling records are being broken by the large retailers of Dubai international airport. The shopping malls of airport have influenced the economy of Dubai. You can get every type of product of any brand over there. From electronics to cosmetics, confectionary to books and games, everything is available there. The shopping hall has been created by consider the visitors of all age groups.

  1. Lounge for chilling in pre-flight:

 Big space in the airport has been reserved for the people of business class or those who are travelling for the first time. People get enough space to chill out at luxurious and high class lounge before flight. The business lounges of Dubai international airport are too much high class that they are incomparable with any other lounge of business class.  The space of lounge which has been dedicated for resting before flight have lots of other things to distract the visitors such as direct access to the boarding gates through private lifts, lifts with Wi-Fi, showers, dining snacks of fine quality, spa treatment, drinking and eating facilities and the bundle of reading material. The people from every walk of life can enjoy being in the luxurious and dedicated lounge of Dubai international airport.

  1. Beautiful Zen Gardens:

Dubai international airport has its own beautiful gardens to provide the complete view of nature to the visitors. These gardens have fish ponds, trees, benches and greenery to settle down and have rest on. You can have a good time on those benches and grass. Most of the people spend their time in the garden reading books and with email catch up. The Zen gardens are located at the terminal 3 of the airport. The management of the garden is aimed at providing the feeling of relaxation and comfort to tired and busy passengers.

There is also a special area which has been dedicated for kids. That area is a complete play land filled with lots of entertaining equipment for kids. There are TVs where children can see their favourite programs. The baby changing rooms are also there for facilitating the parents. Now, your child is capable enough to burn out his extra energy and get him distracted in the interactive zone of the Zen garden at Dubai international airport. Parents have also got a relaxing and a peaceful place for their kids to sleep.

  1. Snoozecube:

Dubai international airport has also a dedicated place for those people who want to have a deep and peaceful sleep. People can rent the Snoozecubes for hours. These luxurious places contain comfortable bed, TV, WI-FI, music etc. There is enough space in each room that the passengers can carry their luggage with them in those rooms. The best thing about these rooms is that these rooms are completely sound proof.

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